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We are a small candle company with big dreams

You craft your life and story through the people you love, the clothes you wear and the lifestyle you choose. Luna Tigre is built upon the foundational understanding that the artifacts we choose to keep around us matter. They become a part of us. From how our candles fill your rooms with luscious fragrance to how they look amongst your belongings, we strive to craft products that are deliberate and meaningful.


Made by hand in Austin, Texas

Luna Tigre candles are made from 100% soy wax, high quality fragrance oils and cotton papercore wicks, ensuring the cleanest burning candle. Our glass containers are reusable and we do everything we can to ensure we have the smallest ecological footprint possible.


Candles to your doorstep

Our online shop is the easiest place to access the entire current Luna Tigre line. Discover a new favorite (and then ask your favorite local Luna Tigre stockist to carry it!).


100% soy wax candles

Make any space uniquely yours with scents from luna tigre candles.